Helpful Links and Resources

Below are some links of support groups and organizations that we have found helpful.  If you would like to add any resources to this list, please contact us at

Facebook Pages 

Three Village SEPTA 

Three Village Special Education Parent Support Group 

SASI Suffolk Asperger’s/Autism Support and Information 

Long Island Special Education Parent Network 

Our Special Long Island Kids  


Support Groups 


Parent to Parent 

Autism Speaks 

AHA (Asperger Syndrome and High Functioning Autism Association)  


Down Syndrome 

  Special Education Educational Resources/Agencies 

US Department of Education - 

NYS Department of Special Education 



Long Island Advocacy Center   

Special Needs Activities 

Friendship Circle 

The Music Academy for Special Learners 

Three Village Soccer Club 

Smithtown Kickers 

Baseball- Miracle League/YES 

Challenger Lacrosse