Faculty Grants

Is there something you could use to enrich the curriculum for special education students or enhance their inclusion in academic and social experiences?  Apply for a SEPTA Faculty Grant! 

What are SEPTA Faculty Grants? 

 SEPTA faculty grants provide funding for creative programs, equipment or pilot projects that enhance and support the educational experience for students with disabilities.  These grants are intended to allow general and special education teachers, specialists, therapists and administrators to undertake new projects that they would otherwise be unable to pursue or to pursue projects to a greater extent than they otherwise could.  

The current deadline requires that proposed funds be used by June 2018, so don't hesitate to submit your application anytime over the summer or during the school year!

Some of our previous Grants included:

Cooking Up Language

Fundations- Resource Room

Mobile Microscopy

Prompt Materials

Summer Music Program

Social Thinking Curriculum

Wilson Reading Materials - Resource Room

Please download and complete attached application. 

SEPTA Grant Application 17-18 (docx)